02 Aug

Demoing at the Planetarium

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After a successful demo at the planetarium’s Cosmic Nights event last month we’ve been invited back! We’ll be at HR MacMillan Space Centre August 11th from 12:00 – 3:00 pm demoing Fruit Golf and other VR experiences. It is exciting to get a chance to spread more awareness about this new technology. For more information about the planetarium, you can visit their website.

12 Jun

Congratulations! Your game has been accepted into The Indie Prize Showcase at Casual Connect

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A few weeks ago, we submitted Fruit Golf into the Indie Prize, a scholarship and competition focused on the up and coming creative force of the games industry. It has been selected to be part of the Indie Prize Showcase during Casual Connect. We will be demoing Fruit Golf in San Francisco from July 18-20th. Keep an eye out for future updates, and wish us luck in the Indie Prize!

17 May

Fruit Golf at CVR

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This weekend, we presented Fruit Golf at CVR, a conference focused on consumer VR that took place in Vancouver. We came prepared with some swag which included limited edition Fruit Golf pins and juice boxes. Despite some technical issues which led to us only being able to demo the game without the companion app, the experience was well received by everybody. Some of the people who attended even described it as “the best VR experience there”. We’d like to thank Archiact for the opportunity to be part of this event.