Designing handcrafted immersive experiences
We are an award winning small Vancouver based studio working on making Virtual Reality more social.
Virtual Reality

Be transported to new worlds and experience being fully immersed.

Augmented Reality

Bring the virtual into the real world and interact in ways you never thought possible.

Game Design

Games are meant to be social. We bring together new technologies and the idea of shared experiences.

Fueled by passion, our mission is to make Virtual Reality more social.
We create memorable and meaningful experiences

A studio focused on innovative shared experiences

Founded by two brothers, we know that games are not only about their single player experience.

At Coal Car Studio, we are betting that the future of VR will be social. VR doesn’t have to be an isolating experience. Discovering new virtual reality is awesome, and we want to create a safe space to be able to experience these worlds with your friends and family. Using innovative technologies and game play mechanics we will shatter the stigma around virtual reality needing to be an isolated experience to be immersive and bring the joy of couch co op back into mainstream gaming culture.

Turn your dreams into reality
Our Services

VR/AR Development

We specialise in experiences that aren’t confined to the tradition screen. If you want users to interact in a more tangible way we can help.

360 Video

Need a promotional video or have a vision that can only exist in 360? We’ll can film and edit it.

Game Development

We pride ourselves on social gaming. If you need a game that brings people together we can bring it to realisation.


Want to take your existing game or idea into VR/AR we can help figure out what works and what doesn’t for you.

We're small but impressive. Hand crafted pixel perfect designs.
The first step in crafting a fun and immersive experience is to plan out what exactly we want to create. We’re experts at translating dreams and ideas into functional designs.
Leveraging years of experience of development and our cross-discipline background, we ready to tackle any problem that we are presented with.
It is important for us to make sure the experiences we craft meet everybody’s expectations. We will revisit and rework our projects until they are the best they can be.
Our Team

We are a small award-winning team passionate about immersive media. With a focus is on crafting memorable experiences, our team of experienced designers and developers are prepared to make your dreams a reality.

Tyler Nilsson
Tyler Nilsson is working as the Director and Co-Founder of Coal Car Studio.
Shane Nilsson
Shane Nilsson is working as the Director and Co-Founder of Coal Car Studio.
Jasmin Winter
XR Designer & Producer
Jasmin Winter is ensuring projects on schedule while assisting in designing XR experiences.
Liana Russell
Art Director
Liana Russell is leading the artistic vision of our projects and creating concept artist.
Bruno Costa
XR Developer
Bruno Costa is working on developing XR systems for entertainment and educational experiences.
Carlos Fernandez
3D Artist
Carlos Fernandez is...
Abel Waller
XR Developer
Abel Waller is working on developing XR systems for entertainment and educational experiences.
Haena Lee
3D Art Intern
Haena Lee is building out props and other environmental assets for Fruit Golf.
Our Portfolio

Since 2015 we have gained expertise by developing numerous Virtual Reality and Agumented Reality experiences. Our work has ranged from an educational interactive documentary on electronics waste to work on a cooperative arcade experience. Below are some examples of our work.

Our Clients

Coal Car Studio has experience working on global brands and small independant artists. Whether it is consulting on how best to approach a problem or building an entire new expeirnece, we've got you covered.

If you have a project that you would like to make a reality, let's chat!

VIFF Signals Showcase
Siggraph Immersive Pavilion Showcase
Proto Award 2016
Indie Prize Finalist 2016
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